Is Your Shih Tzu a Picky Eater? Discover the Best Dog Food for Shih Tzu with Sensitive Stomachs

Are Shih Tzu Picky Eater?

Are you wondering if Shih Tzus are picky eaters? Well, let’s dive into the world of these adorable pups and their food preferences.

Shih Tzus have some selective palates, making mealtime an interesting adventure. From their whimsical taste buds to their fussy eating habits, there’s a lot to uncover.

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind their picky eating and help you understand why Shih Tzus can be quite particular when it comes to their meals.

Key Takeaways

  • Shih Tzus are known for being picky eaters, with specific dietary requirements or allergies.
  • Factors such as texture, smell, size, and flavor preferences contribute to their picky eating habits.
  • Shih Tzus have their own food preferences, which may include soft and moist food or crunchy kibble.
  • Understanding their taste buds and sensitivity can help cater to their preferences and make mealtime more enjoyable.


Are you curious about the eating habits of Shih Tzus? Well, let’s dive right in and explore their unique preferences when it comes to food.

Shih Tzus are known for being picky eaters, but it’s important to understand that not all of them are the same. Some Shih Tzus may have specific dietary requirements or allergies that affect their food choices.

When it comes to mealtime, Shih Tzus can be quite selective. They may sniff their food, walk away, and come back later to eat. This behavior can be frustrating for pet owners, but it’s important to remember that it’s just their nature. Shih Tzus have a delicate palate and may prefer certain textures or flavors over others.

To ensure that your Shih Tzu is getting the nutrition they need, it’s crucial to provide them with high-quality dog food that meets their dietary needs. Consult with your veterinarian to determine the best diet for your furry friend. Additionally, incorporating some variety into their meals, such as adding small amounts of cooked vegetables or lean meats, can help entice their appetite.

Shih Tzu’s Food Preferences

When it comes to mealtime, Shih Tzus can be quite selective about their food. Just like humans, these adorable little dogs have their own preferences when it comes to what they eat. Some Shih Tzus may turn up their nose at certain foods, while others may gobble them down without hesitation. It’s important to understand that each Shih Tzu is unique, and their food preferences may vary.

One reason why Shih Tzus can be picky eaters is their sensitive palates. These dogs have a keen sense of taste and smell, which means they may be more sensitive to certain flavors and textures. Some Shih Tzus may prefer soft and moist food, while others may prefer crunchy kibble. It’s important to offer a variety of foods to see what your Shih Tzu enjoys the most.

Another factor that may contribute to a Shih Tzu’s selective palate is their individual likes and dislikes. Just like humans, they may have certain foods they enjoy and others they do not. It’s essential to observe your Shih Tzu’s reactions to different foods and take note of their preferences. This will help you provide them with a diet that they truly enjoy.

In the next section, we’ll look into Shih Tzu’s selective palates and explore ways to cater to their individual food preferences.

What To Do If My Shih Tzu Is a Picky Eater?

If your Shih Tzu is a picky eater, there are several things you can try to encourage them to eat:
1. Stick to a regular feeding schedule: Offer meals at the same time each day. This will help your Shih Tzu to establish a routine and become more receptive to eating at mealtime.
2. Serve high-quality dog food: Ensure your Shih Tzu’s food is nutritionally balanced and of good quality. Avoid low-quality or generic brands as they may not be appealing to picky eaters.
3. Try different flavors and textures: Introduce variety into their meals by offering different flavors and textures. Mix wet food with dry food, or alternate between different flavors to prevent boredom.
4. Warm up the food: Heating up your Shih Tzu’s food can enhance the aroma and make it more enticing to eat. However, ensure the food is not too hot to avoid burning their mouth.
5. Add flavor enhancements: Sprinkle a small amount of low-sodium broth or gravy on top of their food to add flavor and make it more appealing. Ensure these enhancements are safe for dogs and do not contain harmful ingredients.
6. Avoid too many treats or table scraps: Limit the number of treats and table scraps you provide, as this may contribute to your Shih Tzu’s picky eating habits. If they are regularly getting treats, they may not be hungry for their regular meals.
7. Be patient: It may take time for your Shih Tzu to adjust to new flavors and textures. Stay consistent with your feeding routine and avoid completely giving in to their pickiness by offering alternative options whenever they refuse their regular food.
8. Consult a veterinarian: If your Shih Tzu’s picky eating persists or is accompanied by other symptoms, such as weight loss or lethargy, it is important to consult a veterinarian. They can rule out any underlying health issues and provide specific recommendations for your dog’s dietary needs.
Remember, every dog is different, and finding the right approach may require some trial and error. Patience, consistency, and a well-balanced diet are key to encouraging a picky Shih Tzu to eat.

Look Into Shih Tzu’s Selective Palates

If you want to understand why Shih Tzus can be picky eaters, it’s worth looking into their selective palates. These adorable little dogs have distinct preferences when it comes to their food. Here are four reasons why Shih Tzus can be quite selective with their palates:

  1. Texture matters: Shih Tzus often prefer food with a specific texture. They may enjoy crunchy kibble over soft wet food or vice versa. Their sensitive palates can detect even the slightest variation, making texture a crucial factor in their eating habits.
  2. Smell is important: Shih Tzus have a keen sense of smell, and it heavily influences their food preferences. They may turn their noses up at certain foods that don’t meet their olfactory standards. A strong, enticing aroma can make all the difference in enticing them to eat.
  3. Size matters too: Shih Tzus have small mouths and jaws, which means they may struggle with larger food pieces. They may prefer smaller, bite-sized portions that are easier for them to chew and swallow comfortably.
  4. Flavor preferences: Just like humans, Shih Tzus can have individual flavor preferences. Some may love the taste of chicken, while others may prefer beef or fish. It’s important to find the flavors that your Shih Tzu enjoys to ensure they eat their meals happily.
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Understanding these factors can help you navigate your Shih Tzu’s picky eating habits. By catering to their selective palates, you can ensure they receive the nutrition they need while keeping their taste buds satisfied.

The Tastebuds of Shih Tzus

Have you ever wondered what flavors Shih Tzus prefer and how their tastebuds contribute to their picky eating habits? Well, let’s delve into the world of their tastebuds to find out!

Shih Tzus have around 1,700 taste buds, which is significantly fewer than humans who have around 9,000. This means that their sense of taste may not be as developed as ours. However, their taste buds are highly sensitive to sweet flavors, which may explain why they tend to gravitate towards foods with a sweeter taste.

Interestingly, Shih Tzus have a weaker sense of taste for bitterness compared to other dog breeds. This could be why they’re more selective when it comes to eating certain foods. If a particular food has a bitter taste, they may be more inclined to reject it.

Additionally, texture plays a crucial role in their eating preferences. Shih Tzus tend to prefer softer and smoother textures, which may be why they’re often picky eaters. Foods with a crunchy or chewy texture might not be as appealing to them.

Understanding the tastebuds of Shih Tzus can help us cater to their preferences and make mealtime more enjoyable for them. By offering them foods that are sweeter in taste and have a softer texture, we can encourage them to eat a balanced diet and overcome their picky eating habits.

Inside the World of Shih Tzus Fussy Eating

But, don’t worry, understanding the reasons behind your Shih Tzu’s fussy eating habits can help you find solutions to ensure they’ve a healthy and balanced diet.

  1. Texture matters: Shih Tzus have small mouths and delicate jaws, making it difficult for them to eat certain foods. They may prefer soft and moist foods over dry kibbles.
  2. Sensitive palates: Shih Tzus have a keen sense of taste, which means they can be more selective about what they eat. They may turn their noses up at certain flavors or ingredients.
  3. Mealtime environment: Shih Tzus are sensitive to their surroundings, and a chaotic or noisy environment can put them off their food. Creating a calm and quiet space for them to eat can make a big difference.
  4. Health issues: Sometimes, fussy eating can be a sign of an underlying health problem. Dental issues, digestive problems, or allergies could be causing your Shih Tzu’s reluctance to eat. It’s important to consult with your veterinarian to rule out any medical conditions.

By understanding these reasons, you can make adjustments to your Shih Tzu’s mealtime routine. Offering a variety of textures, flavors, and ensuring a peaceful environment can encourage them to eat. If you suspect a health issue, seek advice from your vet to address any underlying problems.

With patience and understanding, you can help your fussy eater Shih Tzu enjoy a nutritious diet.

The Whimsical World of Shih Tzus and Food

Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure with your Shih Tzu as they navigate the whimsical world of food. Shih Tzus are known for their unique tastes and preferences when it comes to mealtime. They may surprise you with their finicky eating habits, but don’t worry, it’s all part of their charming personality.

One day, your Shih Tzu may devour their meal with gusto, savoring every bite. The next day, they may turn their nose up at the same food they loved yesterday. It’s like living in a world of constant surprises, where their taste buds are as unpredictable as the weather.

You may find yourself resorting to creative methods to entice your Shih Tzu to eat. From mixing different flavors to adding a sprinkle of their favorite treat on top, you’ll become a master chef in the art of Shih Tzu cuisine. But remember, they still hold the final say in what they’ll ultimately enjoy.

The whimsical world of Shih Tzus and food is a journey filled with endless possibilities. It’s a chance to explore different flavors, textures, and even homemade recipes. So embrace the adventure and let your Shih Tzu guide you through their quirky food preferences. After all, mealtime isn’t just about nourishment; it’s about the bond you share with your furry companion.

Reason’s Behind Shih Tzu’s Picky Eating

When it comes to your Shih Tzu’s picky eating habits, understanding the reasons behind them can help you find solutions. Here are four possible reasons why your Shih Tzu is being picky with their food:

  1. Health issues: Your furry friend may be experiencing dental problems, gastrointestinal issues, or allergies, making it uncomfortable for them to eat certain foods. It’s important to consult with your veterinarian to rule out any underlying health concerns.
  2. Food preferences: Just like humans, dogs have their own food preferences. Your Shih Tzu may simply prefer certain flavors, textures, or brands of food. Experimenting with different options and finding the one that suits their taste may help improve their appetite.
  3. Feeding habits: Shih Tzus are known for their stubborn nature. They may have developed certain feeding habits or routines over time, such as being hand-fed or eating only at specific times. Breaking these habits and establishing a consistent feeding routine can encourage them to eat their meals.
  4. Environmental factors: Stress, anxiety, or changes in their environment can affect your Shih Tzu’s eating habits. Loud noises, new surroundings, or the presence of other animals can make them feel uneasy. Creating a calm and quiet eating environment can help alleviate their picky eating tendencies.
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Shih Tzus Eating Habit

If you want to understand your Shih Tzu’s eating habits, you should observe their behavior and take note of any patterns or preferences they may have. Shih Tzus, like many other dogs, can exhibit various eating habits. Some may have a hearty appetite, while others may be more finicky. Understanding their eating habits can help you provide the best care for your furry friend.

Here is a table that provides a visual representation of some common eating habits observed in Shih Tzus:

Eating Habit Description Possible Causes
Gulping Eating food quickly without chewing properly Hunger, fear of competition, or simply enjoying the taste
Picky Eating Being selective about the food they eat Sensitive taste buds, previous negative experiences, or boredom
Grazing Eating small amounts throughout the day Lack of appetite, preference for snacking, or being accustomed to this feeding style
Overeating Consuming excessive amounts of food Lack of portion control, boredom, or underlying health issues

Understanding Why Shih Tzu are Picky Eaters

To better understand why Shih Tzu can be picky eaters, you should consider their individual preferences and potential factors that may influence their food choices. Here are four things to keep in mind:

  1. Taste: Shih Tzu, like humans, have taste preferences. They may prefer certain flavors or textures over others. Just like how you might enjoy a juicy steak but dislike vegetables, Shih Tzu may have their own preferences when it comes to food.
  2. Smell: Dogs have a much stronger sense of smell than humans, and Shih Tzu are no exception. They rely heavily on their sense of smell to determine the quality and palatability of their food. If a certain smell doesn’t appeal to them, they may refuse to eat it.
  3. Previous experiences: Shih Tzu, like any other dog, can develop food preferences or aversions based on past experiences. If they’d a negative experience with a certain type of food, they may be hesitant to try it again in the future.
  4. Health issues: Sometimes, picky eating in Shih Tzu can be a result of underlying health issues. Dental problems, gastrointestinal disorders, or allergies can affect their appetite and cause them to be selective with their food choices.

Best Dog Food for Picky Eaters

1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Dry Dog Food: This grain-free formula is made with real meat as the first ingredient and contains no artificial flavors or preservatives. It is available in various flavors to entice even the pickiest eaters.
2. Merrick Grain-Free Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe: This dog food is made with high-quality protein sources and real fruits and vegetables. It has a great taste that many picky eaters love and is free from grains, artificial flavors, and preservatives.
3. Nutro Ultra Grain-Free Dry Dog Food: This formula features a blend of real chicken, lamb, and salmon as the main protein sources. It is free from grains and artificial additives, while still providing a tasty and nutritious option for picky eaters.
4. Wellness Core Grain-Free Dry Dog Food: This high-protein formula is made with real meat and quality ingredients. It is free from grains, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. The taste and quality of this food make it appealing to even the pickiest eaters.
5. Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and Skin Dry Dog Food: This dog food is specifically designed for dogs with sensitive stomachs or skin issues. It is made with easily digestible ingredients and contains prebiotic fibers for digestion support. The taste and texture are often appealing to picky eaters.
Remember, every dog is unique and may have different preferences and dietary needs. It’s always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian before making any changes to your dog’s diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Shih Tzus Be Trained to Overcome Their Picky Eating Habits?

Yes, you can train Shih Tzus to overcome their picky eating habits. By introducing a consistent feeding schedule and offering a balanced diet, you can encourage them to try new foods.

It’s important to avoid giving in to their pickiness by offering different options or table scraps. Gradually introducing new flavors and textures, along with positive reinforcement and patience, can help them develop healthier eating habits.

Are There Any Health Concerns Associated With Picky Eating in Shih Tzus?

There are indeed some health concerns associated with picky eating in Shih Tzus. When they’re picky eaters, they may not be getting all the necessary nutrients from their food, which can lead to deficiencies and health issues.

It’s important to ensure that their diet is balanced and meets their nutritional needs. If your Shih Tzu is a picky eater, it’s a good idea to consult with a veterinarian to ensure their health and well-being.

How Can I Encourage My Shih Tzu to Eat a Balanced Diet?

To encourage your Shih Tzu to eat a balanced diet, there are a few things you can try.

First, make sure you’re offering a variety of high-quality dog food options.

You can also try mixing in some wet food or adding tasty toppings like chicken or vegetables.

It’s important to establish a regular feeding schedule and avoid giving too many treats or table scraps.

Are There Any Specific Foods That Shih Tzus Are More Likely to Enjoy?

Sometimes, Shih Tzus can be picky eaters. However, there are certain foods that they’re more likely to enjoy.

For example, they tend to prefer small, bite-sized pieces of food that are easy to chew. Additionally, Shih Tzus often enjoy foods that have a strong aroma and flavor.

It’s important to experiment with different types of food to find what your individual Shih Tzu likes. Remember to consult with your veterinarian to ensure your dog’s diet is balanced and healthy.

Can Picky Eating in Shih Tzus Be a Sign of a Larger Behavioral Issue?

Picky eating in Shih Tzus can sometimes be a sign of a larger behavioral issue. It’s important to pay attention to your Shih Tzu’s eating habits and observe any changes in their behavior.

If your furry friend consistently refuses to eat or shows aversion to certain foods, it could indicate an underlying problem. It’s always a good idea to consult with a veterinarian to rule out any medical issues and to address any potential behavioral concerns.


In conclusion, Shih Tzus have a reputation for being picky eaters. Their selective palates and sensitive taste buds contribute to their finicky eating habits.

While it can be frustrating for owners, understanding the reasons behind their picky eating can help navigate this whimsical world.

By accommodating their preferences and finding the right balance of nutrition, Shih Tzu owners can ensure their furry friends stay healthy and happy.

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